Conference Introduction

Nature Conference on In Vitro Diagnostics/The 4th Chinese Experimental Medicine Conference (CEMC)2019  is going to be hosted from March 21st to 24th, at Nanchang International Convention Center.

The 4th CEMC will be jointly hosted with Nature, which is one of the world's top academic journals. It is the first time that Nature will hold an academic activity with the theme of in-vitro diagnostics for brilliant plenary lecture inviting distinguished academicians, experts and specialists from Chinese Academy of Engineering/Science, American Academy of Science in different fields such as experimental medicine, preclinical medicine and biomedical engineering. These leading-edged professionals at domestic and overseas will give us splendid speeches in experimental medicine development, international advanced technology and the latest achievements in scientific research to carry out extensive communication and discussion. Mr. Pep Pàmies, chief editor of Nature will elaborate deeply in experimental and clinical application fields for significant scientific technology.

The conference is supplying simultaneous interpretation from cover to cover aiming at presenting a wonderful academic feast. CEMC is going to make some guiding reports around following topics: macro country policies, latest industry achievements, future directions and development potential of the industry. At the same time, we will discuss the most concerned hot pots and problems. For the purpose of encouraging technology innovation, improving the research results transformation, the conference will establish the special stage for research results patent publish, which can be considered as the communication platform among the industry, experts and research. Simultaneously, for the purpose of encouraging those experts, researchers and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the experimental medicine field, the conference organizes the Chinese experimental medicine annual dissertation award, and Chinese IVD innovative product (instrument/reagents) award, the award will be commended during the conference.

We sincerely invite experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs from science and research management and experimental medicine fields (including diagnostic, pathology, transfusion, nuclear medicine, central lab, clinical lab, etc.), to drive the development of science research, manufacture and application in experimental medicine field.

Hosted together with Nature Conference/4th CEMC 2019, the 16th CACLP Expo 2019, the 6th China IVD Industry Development Conference (originally called Bode China International In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Forum), and the 2nd Enlightening Lab Med · IVD Youth Entrepreneur Forum is going to start on that days in Nanchang.


Ⅰ、Time and Location:

Time: 21st-24th March, 2019

Location: Nanchang International Convention Center


Ⅱ、Registration Time and Location:

Time: on 21st March 8:30-18:00

Location: Nanchang International Convention Center


Ⅲ、Conference Schedule:

21st March  16:30-18:00                 Opening Ceremony, "Hero Cup" Award Ceremony, "Star of Innovation" Cup Award Ceremony

22nd March   9:00-12:00  13:00-18:00   Plenary Lecture

23rd March   9:00-12:00  13:00-18:00   Plenary Lecture

24th March   9:00-12:00                  Special Topic Forums


Conference Topics:

1. Technical aspects of POC development


·Lateral flow systems

·Sensors and wearables

·POC imaging diagnostics

2. Development and manufacturing aspects of POC systems

·Paper-based diagnostic devices

·Chip-based diagnostics

·Smartphone-Based Platforms


3. Application of nanotechnologies in POC diagnostics

4. Point-of-care diagnostics in resource-limited settings

5. Microfluidics: DNA, cells, biomarker

6. Liquid biopsies

7. Computational diagnostics: machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence

8. Mass spectrometry-based diagnostics

9. Pathological diagnostics

10. Commercialization issues

11. Personalized Medicine: Organ/Tissue Chips to aid drug development and screening

12. Tissue engineering and diagnostics

13. Nanoscience and nanotechnology for diagnostics

14. Molecular sciences for biomedical studies and applications


To be continued


Guest Speakers:

1. Paul Yager (Wash U)

2. Hanry Yu (University of Singapore)

3. Aydogan Ozcan (UCLA)

4. David Erickson (Sibley College)

5. Tony Y. Hu (Arizona State University)

6. Daniel Irimia (MGH)

7. David Beebe (U. Wisconsin)

8. Megan McCain (USC)



To be continued


(Planned) Guest Speakers:

1. George Whitesides (Harvard)

2. Jim Collins (MIT)

3. Stephen Quake (Stanford)

4. Chad A. Mirkin (Northwestern University)

5. Takehiko Kitamori (University of Tokyo)

6. Yoon Kyoung Cho (Institute for Basic Science, South Korea)

7. Klaus Pantel (UKE Hamburg)

8. Anant Madabhushi (Case Western)

9. Matthias Mann (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry)

10. Fei-Fei Li (Stanford University)

11. Hong Shang (China Medical University)

12. Caroline Dive (CRUK Manchester; F)

13. Leroy Hood (Institute for System Biology)

14. Tom Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon University)

15. Chuan He  (University of Chicago)

16. Jia Fan  (Fudan University)

17. Hongyang Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

18. Xiuwu Bian  (Third Military Medical University)

19. Linda Griffith (MIT)

20. Weihong Tan (University of Florida)

21. Ruedi Aebersold (ETH Zurich)

22. Charles M. Lieber (Harvard University)


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2019-03-21 ~ 2019-03-24

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